International management company Kinsfolk & Co forms

Kinsfolk & Co forms

Kinsfolk & Co team

UK: Hospitality management company Kinsfolk & Co, headquartered in London, has launched to deliver “enhanced performance through triple bottom line priorities” for hotels.

Led by CEO Paul Brackley, Kinsfolk & Co will provide “thoughtful excellence” across operations and asset management, advisory, concept and design creation to hospitality businesses. With a pipeline already in place, the company currently has three hotels under development. The first luxury boutique hotel will open in Fitzrovia, London in late 2024 followed by a second in Westminster, London. The third hotel will be located in Valletta, Malta.

Brackley previously held positions at The Beaumont Hotel as managing director, as well as general manager of the Shangri-La at The Shard London. 

His team includes people and culture director Ninoska Leppard, who spent 19 years with Corbin & King and eight years at Caprice Holdings; commercial director Rachel Fearon, who spent 22 years at Firmdale Hotels; chief financial officer Heymo Nyoni, who most recently worked for Standard International; and restaurants and innovations director Stas Anastasiades, who spent 20 years with Milsom Hotels & Restaurants.

“We are incredibly fortunate to start a completely fresh company, where we can build a community with a shared vision – be that with our team, our partners or our investors. We believe in the power of hospitality, working together within our wider industry. As a collective force, our company will deliver sustainable returns for all our stakeholders,” said Brackley.

Speaking about the upcoming hotels, Fearon added: “While each new opening will be completely individual and independent, all will have a Kinsfolk & Co. sensibility and golden thread running through. We will craft and create places that inspire new experiences, always putting people and relationships at the centre of what we do.

“Ultimately working in a balanced way, we will deliver enhanced profits, adding value for all our clients. Welcoming and warm, Kinsfolk & Co. will bring something new, but at the same time something familiar.”

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