LateRooms and dominate UK Google rankings

UK: Report reveals LateRooms is the most visible hotels website in natural search listings on Google, with dominating the paid media space.

Greenlight’s latest report on the hotels sector found that in February reached 61 per cent of the 845,000 searches for hotels on Google UK. Its closest rival, reached 48 per cent and came third with 39 per cent. came fifth in natural search listings, reaching 18 per cent of those who looked for hotels, but it came top in the paid media space where it earned an 84 per cent share of voice through bidding on 114 keywords. came second with a 76 per cent share of voice, was third with 54 per cent and Google came fourth with a 50 per cent share. had a 39 per cent share of voice, coming in eighth in paid for listings. came, on average, second in the listings while Google came third on average.

The full Greenlight report can be seen here.

Green light’s Chris Bland will be presenting a report in to online marketing in the UK boutique hotel sector at Boutique Hotel Summit 2013.

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