Second boutique hotel planned for Omani luxury resort

Oman: Developer Saraya Oman has announced plans for a second boutique hotel at its five-star luxury resort to the north-east of Muscat.

The plans for the two hotels were originally announced in August, and now the first phase of construction is nearing completion, more details of the second hotel – due to open in Q1 2017 – have been released.

The five-star 106 key hotel will resemble an old Omani village. Saraya Bandar Jissah’s vice president of technical services, Dr Bassam Talhouni, said: “Our vision is to create a destination – a home for residents and a place of ultimate leisure for visitors. Through careful and respectful implementation of our construction strategy we believe that we will create a completely unique leisure and residential area for Muscat.”

“Through a careful design process with our consultants we have developed these designs to stay true to Omani roots, while providing a family-friendly yet luxurious feel. The boutique hotel is designed and will be built using traditional methods, and every aspect of construction will be undertaken with the local environmental context in mind,” he added.

More than 40 per cent of all materials, from cabling to marble, are sourced or manufactured in Oman, added Dr Bassam.

Saraya Bandar Jissah is located on the outskirts of Muscat on a beach surrounded by the Hajjar Mountains. The destination will be built on 2.2 million square metres of land with an expansive beachfront and a high point of 250 metres. It is being developed in partnership between Oman’s tourism development and investment arm, Omran and Saraya Oman.

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