Alliants appoints managing director and sales manager

Alliants appoints Kevin Edwards and Jamie Moore

Kevin Edwards (left), Jamie Moore (right)

Worldwide: Hospitality technology provider Alliants has appointed Kevin Edwards and Jamie Moore within the group’s consulting arm. 

Alliants has expanded, bringing on Edwards, from PnK People, as managing director, and Jamie Moore as sales manager. 

Edwards said: “Alliants and PnK People have shared goals and there is potential to create the industry-leading technology consulting organisation helping the hotel sector to offer guest experiences which drive revenue and loyalty and reminding the consumer what great service feels like. Our proposition now spans all stakeholders from hotel investors, asset managers and operators, which puts us in a unique position to enable our clients to leverage an opportunity to transform and align their objectives.”

Edwards added: “I am looking forward to working with the team as it expands at this critical time for the industry.”

Moore said: “I am delighted to be joining Alliants. I spent several years working in hospitality technology and have always seen it as an industry with huge potential from a technology standpoint, and frankly, crying out for a company such as Alliants.” 

Moore added: “When I was first introduced to the business and learnt more about the direction it was headed, it was an exciting prospect. I was incredibly impressed with the products and the client base and the opportunity to work with the team, many of whom I’ve known through the industry for a number of years, was a huge attraction for me.”

Tristan Gadsby, CEO of Alliants said: “People with Kevin’s talents are hard to come by and we’re thrilled to be working with him. The pandemic has given owners and brands the opportunity to look again at their operations and realise that through automation they can deliver extraordinary service with fewer resources, fueling higher returns.”

Gadsby continued: “The hospitality sector is extremely specialised and it is important that, when we introduce Alliants to new clients, they are meeting with someone who has that in-depth knowledge they need to answer their questions. Jamie’s experience makes him a key part of the team as we spread the word.”

Alliants has been in business for 12 years, reaching 46 countries. The group’s suite of products includes a mobile app and chat application offering concierge services, as well as back of house integrations with CRMs and PMS.

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