Elevating the guest experience in the hotel lobby of tomorrow

Hosted by BHN editor – hospitality, Eloise Hanson.

In partnership with Guestline.

Changes in guest behaviour and preferences has raised important questions about the functionality and efficiencies of hotel lobbies. How is the adoption of tech impacting the need for reception desks? How is the physical space being used and what can be removed or added? This webinar will explore how hoteliers can best optimise lobbies to enhance the guest experience and drive greater returns.

Specifically, you will discover:

•  What guests now expect pre, during and post-stay – where are the opportunities to improve engagement?

• The tools and processes to support autonomous guest journeys and how this impacts staff service and productivity

• How clever design and space programming can affect the operational efficiency and ROI of hotel lobbies

Learn insights from:

• Ana Costa, senior commercial technology manager, Queensway

• Chris Jones, senior product manager, Guestline

• Richard Tomlin, head of innovation, Tonik Associates

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