The changing role of hospitality media PR

Hosted by Eloise Hanson, editor, IHM

One year on from the pandemic and the hospitality landscape has adapted, diversified, and innovated. How audiences consume media has changed radically too. Earned media has perhaps never been harder to secure or more valuable, and getting your story shared with a quality audience has become a big task.


You will learn:

• How to adapt your marketing and PR strategy to a new media world and be best positioned for success

• Why 2021 is the year of attention – discover the latest techniques to maximise cut through and ROI

• The changing role of the journalist

• The future outlook


Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

Piers Brown, CEO, International Hospitality Media

Glenn Haussman, NO Vacancy / Rouse Media

Debbie Hindle, chief executive, Four Travel, Four Communications

Sheena Bhattessa, founder, Citizen Femme

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