Azumi brand debuts in Setoda

Japan: Co-founded by Adrian Zecha and Naru Developments, Azumi Setoda has opened on Ikuchijima, an island in the Japanese Seto Inland Sea.

Azumi Setoda is located within a 140-year old Japanese compound which has been restored by Kyoto-based architect Shiro Miura. 

Custom furniture has been co-created with Doi Mokkou using exclusively natural materials and designed to complement the garden view. The hotel features a multipurpose garden room, and each guest suite or duplex has its own private garden or balcony.

The restaurant features communal tables along with three private dining rooms. Menus are inspired by local ingredients including seafood, citrus fruits and vegetables, and will change seasonally. The menu will also reflect an Asian or Persian influence as a result of Setoda’s location as a hub for sea trade and transportation.

Across the street from Azumi Setoda is the yubune bathhouse, open to both guests of the hotel as well as the general public. 

Aside from the accommodation and food program, Azumi Setoda offers a selection of activities including zen temple experiences, cycling, fishing, cruises, cooking classes, and more.

A mixed-use facility called Soil Setoda will open in April, and will include short-to-long term accommodation, a work lounge, activity centre, coffee shop and restaurant.

Adrian Zecha, founder of Aman, announced the launch of Azumi in collaboration with Naru Developments in October 2020. The brand is named after the Azumi people, one of the ancient seafaring tribes who crossed the ocean and settled in Japan. They are considered to be the originators of one of Japan’s earliest sea religions. 

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