Chapter & Verse to debut in China

Chapter & Verse debuts in China

Atrium at Chapter & Verse [Credit: Jiaxi & Zhe]

China: This summer, newly launched lifestyle brand Chapter & Verse will open a 31-room boutique hotel in Wuzhen.

The Chapter & Verse hotel will be operated by Tongxiang Baimadun Tourism Development Co., Ltd. The brand aims to cater to the rising creative class and millennial travellers.

In addition to the hotel rooms there are two independent villas. One villa will double as a host for various exhibitions and programs.

Each guest room is linked with a “bridge” passageway, inspired by local traditional architecture. Wuzhen Water Town is an ancient town in Southern China. The homes and markets built along the river’s edge have stone railings and arched bridges, connecting residential and village life.

The 5,000-square-meter hotel was designed by New-York based New Practice Studio. Founder of the design firm Nianlai Zhong said: “We hope that such a distinctive space can awaken the senses of ritual for travellers.” 

Branding for the hotel was created by NOSIGNER, based in Yokohama. E-DESIGN, from Osaka, oversaw the hotel’s landscaping. Chapter & Verse’s lighting was designed by Illumination of City Environment (ICE). 

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