House of Daniel Thwaites cuts 400,000 plastic bottles from hotel rooms

UK: As part of its plastic waste reduction initiative, the House of Daniel Thwaites hotel collective has introduced water and fresh milk filters in each corridor.

The plastic water and milk bottles that were previously provided in-room have been replaced with reusable carafes, allowing guests to fill up their required amount from the dispensers.

Eight hotels have introduced the scheme, which has seen over 260,000 water bottles and 150,000 milk bottles eliminated.

The group is also trialling the use of solar panels as part of its larger environmental policy.

Chris Hill, operations director at the House of Daniel Thwaites, said: “We strive to ensure that our guests have the refreshments they require in their rooms, but we are also aware of the environmental impact single use plastics have. Earlier this year we introduced the water carafes which the guests have welcomed. We know the importance of offering fresh rather than UHT milk to ensure quality for our guests and are now delighted to have found a way to continue offering fresh milk without using plastic bottles. The feedback we have received from our guests has been incredibly positive.”

The House of Daniel Thwaites is a collective of hotels, spas and inns throughout England.

The hotels included in the collection include: Aztec Hotel & Spa in Bristol, Cottons Hotel & Spa in Knutsford, Kettering Park Hotel & Spa in Kettering, North Lakes Hotel & Spa in Penrith, Solent Hotel & Spa in Fareham, Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa in Leeds, Langdale Chase Hotel in Windermere, and Middletons Hotel in York.

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