iSuites boutique hotel opens in Manila

Philippines: iSuites, a new 33-room, five-storey boutique hotel has opened in Cubao, Manila.

CEO Mikaela Singson Mendoza describes the hotel as “personalised and original.”

The property was originally destined to be an apartment building but Mendoza’s mother Sheila had a change of plan.

“My mom thought that I would be fit for this job,” said Mendoza. “I am studying Hotel and Restaurant Management at Treston International College. My dream before was to be an F&B director of a big hotel. I never thought that I would be actually opening a hotel of my own. That’s why it took us three or four years to finish the whole thing because this was supposed to be an apartment. We had to knock down walls, re-do the floor layout and other stuff.”

The hotel has a Japanese theme – rooms are not numbered but have names such as Kimono, Mikado, Sakura, Zen, Taka, Geisha, Shinden, Haiku, Emperor, Shogun, Sake and Geta.

All rooms come with free Wi-Fi access and complimentary breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant, Tatami.

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