Karma Group opens staycation-centred resort

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India: International travel and lifestyle brand Karma Group have announced the opening of a new resort property, Karma Kasa Sunshine Village.

The Indian property is the first of a new staycation-centred accommodation designed to capitalise on rising domestic tourism.

Karma Kasa Sunshine Village hopes to combine regionally centric resort life, rustic style and high-quality luxury amenities. The property is a short drive away from a nearby international airport and sits amidst the famed Nandi Hills, amidst a group of ancient temples.

Sunshine Village is designed to cater to groups of around 30, with groups of families and friends in mind. Karma Group hopes to attract groups of families to book together as well as to capture travellers who live nearby for the spacious, open-air properties

John Spence, Karma Group chairman, said: “I see a gap in the market; I feel like this concept of staycations and domestic tourism is going to be with us for a long time…. We’re starting a product geared around hotels within about an hour to two hours of major cities where we currently have members.

“It’ll be a social club as well as being a hotel.”

The property will be strictly available to members only but will feature a variety of high-quality amenities. This includes gourmet restaurants, bars, pools, and business facilities, and according to Spence, culture events like Theatre and Sport will also be available within these properties.

Locations in the UK, Australia, France and Java are already being considered for the next spots. According to a statement from Chairman John Spence, two sites in the UK are already slated for construction.

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