Obsession 18 raises £65,000

UK: Obsession 18 has raised £65,000 for Hospitality Action

Obsession, the 18-night guest chef event held at Northcote in Lancashire, has raised £65,000 for charity Hospitality Action.

Obsession 18 featured 21 chefs, many of whom have won Michelin stars. The chefs cooked for one night only at the Michelin-starred Northcote restaurant between 18 January and 4 February. The chefs involved included Tom Kitchin, Larry Jayasekara, George Blogg, Gary Usher and Tommy Banks among others.

Northcote ran a silent auction during the 18 days. Donation envelopes were dotted on tables, which allowed guests to contribute towards the grand total.

Hospitality Action chief executive Mark Lewis said: “The fantastic amount that Craig Bancroft and Nigel Haworth have raised for Hospitality Action over the past three weeks will have a direct, transformative impact on the lives of numerous hospitality professionals who find themselves in crisis. A grant of £1,375 allows us to pay for a walk-in shower installation for someone needing home adaptations due to disability. For just £500, we can pay for a respite holiday for the carer of a sick or disabled relative. And with £700, we can support the resettlement of a victim of domestic abuse. Through the generosity of Craig, Nigel and their guests at Obsession, we’ll be able to action many such grants in future.”

Obsession was founded by Nigel Haworth in 2001 to celebrate great chefs from around the world.

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