San Diego’s Pearl Hotel reopens after renovations

US: San Diego’s Pearl Hotel is reopening for business this week, after a series of extensive renovations.

The reopening was announced by owners Casetta Group, who specialise in architecturally unique properties in the California area.

Renovations were done to emphasise the 1960s boutique aesthetic of the hotel while updating the hotel’s sustainable features. Guest rooms and amenities have been updated to include sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Carolyn Schneider, president and partner of Casetta Group said: “For more than 60 years, The Pearl Hotel has been an integral part of San Diego’s Point Loma neighbourhood. The Casetta team is dedicated to celebrating properties with rich histories, and we’re extremely grateful for the opportunity to share The Pearl through its reimagined spaces and one-of-a-kind experiences.”

The team worked with architecture and design firm Electric Bowery for the renovation, maintaining the mid-century California inspiration and relaxed tone while updating for more modern sensibilities. The team maintained iconic elements, such as the oyster shaped pool and outdoor furnishings, while revitalising the lobby, bar and restaurant areas.

The restaurant is named Charles + Dinorah after the hotel’s initial founders in the 1960s. It plans to feature approachable but adventurous medium-high end fare, with a space for up to 150 people.

Casetta Group has also announced health and safety protocols to maintain distancing measures and safety. These include mask usage and holistic sanitation regimens.

As global hospitality reopens, many businesses have returned from renovations. Ocean Park Inn announced its reopening in San Diego, while a set of three Edinburgh nightclubs are set to be redeveloped into a boutique property.

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