Vancouver bars to make way for boutique hotel

Canada: Doolin’s Irish Pub, the neighbouring Belmont Bar and the Comfort Inn on Vancouver’s Nelson St, will be converted in to a boutique hotel.

Vancouver-based hospitality group Pacific Reach says the three businesses will officially close their doors November 1.

“The city over the past 20 years has evolved beyond what any of us could have imagined,” said Azim Jamal, president and CEO of Pacific Reach. “The decision to close these storied venues was not an easy one. But we want to focus on the future of the city and what we believe will be a renaissance for a new and invigorated Granville Street. We are very excited for what’s next and to do our part to rid Vancouver of its ‘No Fun City’ moniker.”

Along with the planned boutique hotel, Pacific Reach says it has partnered with the creative team behind the Banter Room restaurant to deliver a “truly unique entertainment and dining experience for its patrons”.

Although Doolin’s has occupied the location since 2001, the building at the corner of Granville and Nelson has been part of the Vancouver nightlife scene since it was built in 1912.

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