Monday 12 February 14:00 GMT – What does Gen Z want from hotels?

Hosted by BHN editor – hospitality, Eloise Hanson.

Generation Z – those born roughly between 1997-2012 – are the first real digital natives. The reality of growing up in an “always on” environment is now coming into focus, for Gen Z will soon become the largest cohort of consumers. Hoteliers will need to understand their tendencies and digital expectations in order to take advantage of future opportunities.

In this webinar, you will discover:

• Gen Z characteristics, traits, values, and trends

• External factors influencing Gen Z identity eg. climate change, inflation

• Marketing strategies to reach and appeal to a Gen Z audience

• Desired hotel amenities and services

Learn insights from:

• Aliya Khan, VP design lifestyle brands, Marriott International

• Simon Drake, general manager, The Store, Oxford

• Jan-Oscar Huges, consultant – capital markets, EMEA, Cushman & Wakefield

• Anastassia Griaznykh, real estate investment and development analyst, EU & APAC, citizenM

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