Sustainable supply chains

Hosted by Eloise Hanson, editor, IHM

[sponsored by Bizzon and elina]

There is increasing pressure for hotels to provide detailed information on sustainability efforts at a time when the industry is facing supply chain disruptions. This webinar will offer some useful tips and insights on how to develop a strategy for responsibly sourcing products.

You will learn:

• The tools and processes needed for procurement teams to assess suppliers, with guidance on how to make the right decisions

• The financial and social benefits of sustainably sourcing hotel supplies

• How to reduce the environmental impact of hotel buildings and how to track and measure future impact

• The changing roles and responsibilities of suppliers, hotels and guests in supporting sustainable practices

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

Ulpa Chauhan, B2B director, Beyond Bamboo Global

Taryn Gillson, director, Mantis Impact

Raquel Noboa, founder and CEO, Fifty Shades Greener

Sue Williams, general manager, Whatley Manor

Paul MacSherry, international project manager, Kaldewei

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