Alternative payment solutions for smart hoteliers


Hosted by Eloise Hanson, editor, IHM

[sponsored by Bizzon and elina]

Independent hotels and hotel groups are starting to embrace more payment solutions including cryptocurrencies. Others are introducing subscription services, and some are exploring a stay and pay later approach. This webinar will examine innovative product and payment solutions to attract and retain guests.

You will learn:

• New approaches to hospitality payment solutions

• Understanding how subscription models are evolving to enhance guest loyalty and improve cash flows

• How consumer payment instalment plans will be adopted in the travel and hospitality industries

• How crypto is being used within the hotel ecosystem and emerging business models

• How best to assess which product offerings and payment solutions are the right fit for your business

Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

Rohit Talwar, CEO, Fast Future

Annemarie Graham, head of hospitality payments strategy, Amadeus

Richard Valtr, founder, Mews

Ludovica Rocchi, brand director, R Collection Hotels

David Cabreza, chief commercial officer, XanderPay

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