More stressed owners – more distressed assets?

Sponsored by likeMagic and London Rock Partners

So far, hotels have been able to sustain economic pressures with the help of government fiscal measures. But with upcoming debt maturities at a time when inflation is increasing energy, labour and supply costs, owners face new challenges when navigating the commercial and operational success of their business.

You will discover:

• The impact of inflation on hotel operations and expectations on the return to profitability

• Owners’ top concerns for future growth of their business and the wider industry

• Hospitality market trends and what this means for transactions. Is it a buyer/seller market?

• The likelihood of distressed assets and where to size up opportunities

Learn more from:

• Clare Anna, CCO, London Rock Partners

• Desmond Taljaard, managing director, L+R Hotels

• Sabine Schaffer, co-founder and CEO Europe, Pro-invest Group

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