Diversity, inclusion and accessibility

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Brand perception has become incredibly important as hoteliers look to attract new talent and appeal to discerning travellers. Steps taken to improve individual reputation and image are simultaneously helping to correct perceptions of the hospitality industry (low paid, low skilled, long working hours); but what challenges persist? And how can we overcome this?

You will discover:

• Shifting from compliance with diversity, equality, inclusion and accessibility reporting requirements to creating and implementing strong initiatives

• The value of a diverse workforce on business innovation, productivity and bottom line

• What is inclusive design and the opportunities for hotels to incorporate this

• Why it has taken so long for the industry to “wake up” and transform its policies and culture

• What needs to change and how businesses can achieve ESG/CSR goals

Learn insights from:

• Robin Sheppard, president, Bespoke Hotels

• Rita Varga, CEO, RaizUp

• Ivor Ambrose, MD, European Network for Accessible Tourism

• Emily Yates, head of accessibility and inclusive design, Mima

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