Advanced technology

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The only constant is change – the speed of which is most visible in the technology industry. Savvy travel and hospitality professionals are embracing new technologies (AI, web3, robotics etc) to become more efficient and enhance guest stays. As software systems adapt and grow, gaining a competitive edge will be key. This webinar will explore why accommodation and technology providers need to stay at the top of their game and the challenges faced.

You will discover:

• How smart technology is reshaping the travel and hospitality industries and enhancing the user experience

• What tomorrow’s travellers will come to expect pre, during and post-trip

• Opportunities to streamline operations, improve productivity and increase revenue

• The latest trends and upcoming innovations in technology such as the application of ChatGPT within travel and hospitality

Learn insights from:

Mark Brown, COO, RendezVerse

• Ken Patel, CEO, EV Hotel

• Lennert De Jong, president of hospitality, Planet

• Roman Townsend, MD, Belvera Partners

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