Promoting careers within hospitality


Hosted by Eloise Hanson, editor, IHM

[sponsored by Cvent and Operto Guest Technologies]

The global hospitality talent pool has dramatically shrunk, resulting in operational challenges for hotels and other accommodation providers. This webinar will explore how leaders in the field are attracting, training and developing the upcoming generation of hospitality professionals.


You will learn:

• How to design a career path in hospitality and engage potential employees, especially in light of the current staff shortages

•  What does the journey look like and what skills are required to progress up the ladder

• The challenges and hurdles faced by hospitality leaders, as well as key learnings from failures

• How the employer-employee relationship is being reshaped and what is expected from both sides


Trailblazers joining the discussion will be:

Sam Coulstock, head of professional development, Institute of Hospitality

Greg Früchtenicht, director of partnerships, Saira Hospitality

Mikail Goek, founder and CEO, Urban Hospitality Concepts

Frode Hvaring, managing partner, Newind

Kim A Page, founder, The Right Kind of Loud

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