AI, oh my!


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The hype around AI and its impact on hospitality and travel shows no sign of abating. In a recent BHN webinar we explored how advanced technology is shaping hotel operational management and the guest experience. Since then, a number of travel technology companies such as Duve, Expedia and HiJiffy have launched new tools and programs powered by the generative AI tool, ChatGPT.

Some hoteliers may be reticent to tech adoption for the reason it challenges brand standards and contends with identity. But according to Jungyun Kim, CSO at Yanolja Cloud, the hospitality and leisure industries are “forever changed” by the speed of technological progression, and that adoption will “move rapidly from a nice-to-have to a must-have”.

The rate-driven recovery of hotels presents a great opportunity for AI tools in revenue management. “AI can help analyse data in real time and factor in a wide range of variables such as occupancy rates, weather, time of year, the impact of major events and more – and adjust prices accordingly to maximise occupancy rates,” explained Kim. Read the full interview here.

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