Hamlet Hotels launches no-cost partnership model

Hamlet Hotels launches no-cost partnership model

Hamlet Larkfield Priory Hotel [Credit: TripAdvisor]

UK: Hamlet Hotels have launched a three-model system for independent hotel owners to partner with the company without management or franchise fees. 

As part of the business model, hoteliers have the option to remain independent or brand their site as a Hamlet hotel.

Divided into three packages – Classic, Select and Hamlet Plus – each category offers a different level of sales and operational management.


• Sales, revenue management, marketing and distribution under Hamlet Hotels

• Operational freedom

• Free PMS, RMS, website, booking engine, channel manager, and access to distributions through OTA and GDS

• Paid advertising and marketing for search engines, metasearch, and display ads


• All Classic services

• Fixed gross price, reviewed on a year-on-year basis

• Weekly gross payment in advance

Hamlet Plus:

• Hamlet Hotels to manage daily operations

• Weekly net payment in advance

CEO of Hamlet Hotels, Keba Vinod, said: “Independent hotel owners often lack the support of revenue management, sales, distribution, marketing and IT, and they have a higher dependency on OTAs. Our solution is to provide all the support in sales, distribution and paid marketing and an in-house revenue team to generate maximum potential revenues.

“We also understand the complexity of running hotels, especially with the current global labour shortage and increase in costs,” Vinod added. “All of our business models have a guaranteed element and incentive-based fees only, without any high management and franchise fees.”

Prasanna Kirubakaran, COO, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for hotel owners wanting to guarantee their income and increase the value of their property, whilst taking a step back from the day-to-day operations of hotel management.”

The company is currently in the process of finalising heads of terms on numerous properties and developments under the new hotel branding concept.

Earlier this year, Hamlet Hotels announced a target of 50 hotel partners in the next 12 months, focussing on the UK and Europe.

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