Monday 15 April 14:00 BST – Harnessing data for optimum hotel performance

Hosted by BHN editor – hospitality, Eloise Hanson.

Benchmarking KPIs have shifted from RevPAR (revenue per available room) to TRevPAR (total revenue per available room) or even GOPPAM (gross operating profit per available metre). Combined with regulatory pressures to measure and report on ESG data, hoteliers face growing responsibility to increase asset value through optimising performance.

You will discover:

• Identifying the right KPIs for your hotel and understanding the pros and cons of different metrics

• How to leverage data analytics for a competitive edge – should hoteliers compare performance against other hospitality sectors eg. short-term rentals?

• ESG – where to start on data collection and how to integrate these metrics into performance optimisation strategies

• Wider market trends impacting financial KPIs now and in the future

Learn insights from:

• Vince Garrington, head of hotels, BGAM Hospitality

• Jane Pendlebury, CEO, HOSPA

• Frank Pitsikalis, SVP product strategy, Agilysys

• Peter Heath, MD, Venue Performance

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