Sensory hotel design

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Incorporating scent, sound, touch, taste and more, sensory design is closely linked to a number of industry trends such as wellness and corporate social responsibility. Interior designers face the creative challenge of developing an exclusive look and feel for hotel brands whilst simultaneously ensuring spaces are inclusive and accessible. This webinar will explore how the guest experience is being defined by the expanding parameters of sensory design.

You will discover:

• How the growing awareness of mental and physical wellbeing is shaping design principles and practices

• The science behind sensory design – can it evoke trust and loyalty?

• To what extent brand standards influence the creative liberties of interior designers, and how this affects the guest experience

• How the role of an architect and designer will evolve alongside emerging technologies such as the metaverse

Learn insights from:

• Jo Littlefair, co-founder and director, Goddard Littlefair

• Ari Peralta, CEO, Arigami

• Tom Thorogood, co-head of interiors, Studio Moren

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